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Fighting Fit offers techniques and treatments for the welfare of your whole body.


Qi Gong:
Gain improved health through meditation and exercises with the ancient art of Qi Gong. Sifu (Master) Alex Wong practices both healing and self-healing.

Qi Gong is a form of self-healing exercise originally discovered long before history began. In India Yoga has a similar place in the local culture.

Qi Gong healing follows the principles of energy balance. When the body's energy systems are out of balance, discomfort and eventual illness follows. Treatments stimulate the body's meridians (energy channels) to remove blockages and promote healthy interaction of the organs and internal tissues.

Qi Gong self-healing exercise simply includes: breathing exercise, meditation, and posture. Qi means vital energy, Gong is exercise. So Qi Gong is a form of exercise that can improve your vital energy and encourage longevity, health and harmony. It even helps you perform better in your own career. Some can discover their hidden super- natural power.

Mr Wong practices Spontaneous Five Animal Movement Qi Gong. Under his instruction students can move like the five animals - tiger, bear, deer, crane and monkey, some even make the sounds of the Animals.

For further information about Qi Gong exercise classes and healing sessions contact Alex Wong.

Phone:   020-8241 6595   or   020-8715 0463          Mobile: 07932 647 805


Yoga has been practiced around the world for many thousands of years. Contrary to most Westerner's belief, it is not a Religion but a Philosophy. An ancient Indian system of movements that has been developed over ten thousand years, Yoga unites mind and body.

Hatha Yoga and Classical Yoga are exercises that work on the physical body as well as the mind.

The controlled stretching and holding of postures is the best way to achieve top-to-toe fitness, and, when combined with correct breathing techniques, will discipline and calm the mind. In Yoga one builds muscle tone, energy levels, increased vitality, strength, stamina, flexibility, concentration and balance of both mind and body. Yoga is beneficial to everyone, regardless of age or gender, and is the perfect way to control and reduce stress.

Meditation focuses the mind on one thing, and one thing alone, and is useful to discipline and calm the mind. It will teach you how to focus the mind and shut yourself off from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It will also enable you to find inner peace and contentment.

Meditation helps you to maintain physical health and mental clarity, combating anxiety and depression. Learning the art of meditation does not interfere with any religious beliefs.

Indian Head Massage:
Indian Head Massage is a traditional Indian treatment which relieves the tension and fatigue that builds up in the upper back, shoulders, neck and head. Prolonged tension can lead to headaches, migraines, heaviness in the head, stiffness in the neck and a feeling of carrying a "weight" on your shoulders.

This gentle, yet powerful massage will ease away all your aches and pains, leaving you with a feeling of well being and totally relaxed.

For Yoga, Meditation and Indian Head Massage, please contact Rose Latchman.

Phone:  020-8 241 6595 or  020-8 715 0463     Mobile:  07932 647 805 

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