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Outstanding quality and a friendly atmosphere is the approach taken by Fighting Fit, one of the UK's leading martial arts, health and fitness organisations. Fighting Fit now operates a full range of classes, personal training and courses at David Lloyd Clubs, Fitness First Clubs, and Leisure Centres all over London and the South East.

Fighting Fit offers a new timetable of daily classes and personal training for everyone to enjoy the best in martial arts, health and fitness, with special, tailored programmes for yellow to black belt, men, women and children of all ages and abilities. All the main martial arts are covered, including Kickboxing, Kung-Fu, and Aikido, as well as Qi Gong, Yoga, fitness and self defence classes. Equipment, uniforms and sports injury treatments are also available.


From beginner to black belt and beyond:
Whatever your grade, ability, age or preferred art, Fighting Fit has what you need. Many of the popular arts are taught, including Kickboxing, Kung-Fu, and Aikido, and the classes are structured to offer individual attention and the best tuition whatever the students' grade. Beginners-only classes are a recent introduction, which gives newcomers more attention at a pace that is appropriate to their abilities. Senior grade tuition is also available, so too are specialist classes including combat, pad work, competition and weapons training and grading preparation.

Fighting Fit opens the door to martial arts :
Fighting Fit also incorporates the style of Kung-Fu called Seal Lung. Under the guidance of chief instructor, Tony Lloyd, the Seal Lung Kung Fu school's philosophy is to make the arts within easy reach of the average man or woman on the street.

Says Tony, "I remember how difficult it was to get into martial arts when I first started, I had to do a lot of research and try many clubs before I found the right one for me, so I decided that my schools should be accessible with a friendly atmosphere, where everyone helps each other to attain their individual goals. With our new, extended timetable, we have classes to suit every need."

A leading organisation in the South East, there are schools all over South West London, Surrey, Middlesex, and Essex. Seal Lung Kung-Fu is a practical, realistic and streetwise style that places great emphasis on making the art adapt to the individual. "Bruce Lee was undoubtedly the biggest influence in my career," says Tony ,"he didn't mess around, and got straight to the point. Bruce was known as "little dragon", and I translated this into Chinese to give me the name of my style "Seal Lung".

"Seal Lung is suitable for men, women and children starting from age 5 upwards. We use various techniques such as kicks, strikes, locks, throws, street self-defence, close combat including ground holds and defence. In some techniques we use the attacker's power against themselves, in other we attack the attack. And we always try to be prepared for the unexpected.

"From day one students are in good hands, with instructors being highly skilled in the arts, as well as in first aid and injury treatment."

A close contact of Kevin Brewerton's (former Kung Fu World champion) for many years, Kevin says about Tony, "I have known Tony for a number of years, and he is someone who puts one hundred per cent professionalism into martial arts. Tony sets new standards in martial arts training."


Fantastic fitness for women:
Bored with aerobics or find it hard to motivate yourself in the gym? Get fit and firm, lose inches, and enjoy a new way to keep in shape with kickboxing. Fighting Fit has special programmes for women, at all levels of fitness.

Kickboxing is fitness with attitude. We guarantee to get you in better shape fast, or we will give you your money back. Martial arts is great cross-training, and gives you a good aerobic work-out, combined with intense muscle firming and toning, with the punches and kicks we practice. This training also empowers students and improves confidence and peace of mind.

Sparing is optional, and very light contact, and with safety being a priority, injuries are a very rare occurrence. We are very "female friendly": Fifty per cent of our members are women, we have three female instructors and women-only classes.

Be the best you can be:
Martial arts has transformed people's health and fitness for more than one thousand years, and now Fighting Fit brings those benefits to you. At Fighting Fit, we guarantee to get you in the best shape ever, in terms of martial arts skill and fitness, or we will give you your money back.

The Fighting Fit method of training will do this because it's all about focusing your energy. This means that when you train, the techniques, the conditioning, kicking and punching focuses your effort and releases your energy, which gets you fit, improves your skill and shape, increases reflexes, co-ordination and flexibility faster and more effectively than other fitness forms like swimming, jogging or football for example.

In addition martial arts also helps to develop your self-confidence and builds a positive attitude. As your training develops, you achieve more and feel good about yourself. And finally, the classes have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, where you work hard but have fun too.

Fighting fit is fun for kids:
Children love martial arts. It's a great opportunity for them to let off steam, and they can benefit a great deal from training.At Fighting Fit there is a programme for children from the age of five upwards.

Classes are designed to be fun and easy to follow, and not to over-stress young limbs.




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